Announcing Tournaments!

  • October 4, 2021
  • News

Competition is a major pillar of The Game Expo, and we’re extremely excited to be announcing our initial slate of tournaments for The Game Expo. Our tournaments showcase some of the biggest and most popular games, and they’re open to everyone, regardless of skill level. All tournaments will be free to enter and have some amazing prizes.

The game list is tentative to be updated in future announcements – initial list is as follows:


League of Legends
Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Apex Legends

Call of Duty
Rocket League

Fighting Games in collaboration with CouchWarriors:
Guilty Gear Strive
Street Fighter V
Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Tekken 7

If you’re interested in signing up, we highly recommend you look into each tournament page, as they may have different methods and requirements for signing up.

We’ll have more tournaments to announce soon,  but if there’s a game you’d like to see at the event (or if you’re someone who thinks your game could be played in a tournament setting), feel free to contact us and let us know! As always, be sure to chuck us a follow on our social media (we’re @TheGameExpo on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) to let us know what tournaments you’d like to see and to get the latest news!