Guilty Gear Strive

Start:4:00pm Sat 23 Mar 2024
End:6:00pm Sat 23 Mar 2024
Location:FGC Stage
Top 8
Start:6:00pm Sat 23 Mar 2024
End:9:00pm Sat 23 Mar 2024
Location:FGC Stage

$1,000 AUD

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Couchwarriors League
Guilty Gear Strive

The latest iteration of the legendary anime fighting franchise is coming to The Game Expo! Guilty Gear Strive merges together a deep and rewarding game with striking visuals and aesthetic choices, coupled with a rockin’ soundtrack. This is a fighting game where a Dolphin is a legitimate threat. Even if you’re not keen on participating in the tournament, we urge you to at least check it out – it’s one of the most beautiful games you’ll ever see!

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This is an official Couchwarriors League event. CouchWarriors League is the premiership season of the Australian Fighting Game Community.


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