Freeplay Zone

Unwind and try out extensive freeplay activities like VR, Retro Zone, Rhythm Games, Rockband, Just Dance and more!


Virtual Reality (VR)

Step away from the convention floor and into a new dimension at The Game Expo’s VR Zone! Enjoy games such as Beat Saber and Walkabout Mini Golf all weekend!


Retro Zone

Come enjoy classics from the rockin’ 80’s through to the early 2000’s! Retro Gaming is all about throwing it back to when games were played on square screens and 3D graphics blew our minds. From old school consoles, to retro computers and everything in between the retro space is the perfect blast to the past for all ages.


Console/PC Gaming

Console and PC gaming offer immersive experiences for players of all kinds. With consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, gamers can enjoy a wide range of exclusive titles and access to online multiplayer communities.



Get your band together, or rock our solo, at our Rockband Studio!

Just Dance

Get ready for another amazing Just Dance party at The Game Expo 2024!

Featuring an upgraded stage zone supported by Ubisoft, our wonderful Just Dance host Tijka, and an array of fantastic dancers from the Just Dance community to help lead the stage and coach you through the moves! 

Meet at the Just Dance Stage at 3 PM each day to compete in the Just Dance Competition, with Prizes!

Rhythm Games

Hosted by Beat Au, the rhythm games arcade in the freeplay zone at  The Games Expo will feature non-stop beats such as DDR, Taiko, and more!!