Cosplay Zone

If you’ve ever wanted to become someone else, Cosplay at TGX is for you! If you’re looking to get started or improve your craft, we’ll be running workshops with veteran cosplayers. Do you have a costume or prop idea but lack the resources or know-how? Our expo hall has cosplay-specific merchants ready to help with your future cosplans!

And if you’ve got a particularly awesome cosplay that you think can turn heads, we’ll be running a cosplay contest with some amazing prizes.

Cosplay Support

We understand just how much effort and love goes into bringing a character to life through Cosplay. We are proud to offer Cosplayers a dedicated space at The Game Expo and to provide the following:

  • Cosplay Change rooms are available if you need to change into, or out of, your cosplay at the event.
  • Captain Patch-It and his team have a dedicated repair space and will be on hand to assist for any level of cosplay emergency!

Cosplay Events at TGX

On the Saturday of TGX we will be hosting a Cosplay Parade for all ages and skill levels! Signups will be on the morning at the event.

The TGX Cosplay Cup is an advanced level competition for hand-crafted costumes and is held on the Sunday of TGX, with a total prize pool of $5000 value! Read more & apply here!

Costume Guidelines

We want everyone to have the best possible experience at The Games Expo (TGX), so we ask that all attendees abide by the following guidelines.

TGX is an all ages and family friendly event. Clothing, Cosplay, etc must not be overtly revealing and at a minimum cover breasts, groin, and buttocks. If any part of an outfit or cosplay is considered inappropriate, TGX management reserves the right to request attendees to alter, cover up, or change. We understand that accuracy is important for many cosplayers, and suggest the use of thick skin coloured tights, or similar, if an outfit or cosplay may be revealing or in the case of a costume malfunction.

Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times.

Cosplayers with large costume pieces such as props, wings or utilising stilts may be asked to move away from crowded areas or restricted from certain areas.

Effects such as Smoke, Bubbles, etc, are not to be used inside the venue.

Do not use flashing lights, etc, around other attendees.

All decisions made by TGX management are final.

Prop Guidelines

While props are a core part of any cosplay, we do ask that if you are bringing props to TGX, they must be approved by our team as soon as you arrive. Once approved, the prop will be tagged and catalogued.

Large props over 2m are restricted from entering the event area. Large props under this length that are bulky or unwieldy may not be allowed into busy areas of the event for safety reasons.

The following items are not allowed to be brought to TGX:

  • Any prop that can fire any type of projectile. If the prop is a bow, it must be unstrung or string with low-tensile thread.
  • Any kind of replica firearm or airsoft weapon (including any that have been decommissioned)
  • Any prop constructed out of metal such as swords, knives & spears. Any prop that is sharp or pointy enough to cut or pierce with moderate pressure is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, real swords, daggers, knives, ceramic blades, needles, syringes.

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