Flesh And Blood

Start:10:00am Sat 23 Mar 2024
End:6:00pm Sat 23 Mar 2024
Location:TCG Tournament & Learn To Play Area
Start:10:00am Sun 24 Mar 2024
End:6:00pm Sun 24 Mar 2024
Location:TCG Tournament & Learn To Play Area

Flesh And Blood

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In this casual multiplayer format, all Flesh and Blood cards are fair game as you battle your way to victory. With politics, alliances, and backstabbing encouraged, Ultimate Pit Fight is the perfect way to gather friends and enjoy the social aspect of the game. So grab your deck, hone your tactics, and prepare for the roar of the crowd as you claim your legend story in Ultimate Pit Fight!

10am – 6pm: Free Play Zone
Free Entry

Play casual games against other players and win booster packs and promos
The focus of this event is about fun and community

Drop in and Drop out whenever you like throughout the event.


Welcome, brave hero…
You’ve dared to set foot into the wild and whimsical land of Rathe, but beware – one can easily get swept off their feet by the monsters and magic of this realm. Allow us to guide you down the right path, so that you may begin your journey towards legend!

10am – 6pm: Learn to Play Zone
Free Entry

Learn the game from one of our experienced players
with a friend or on your own.


Experience the adrenaline-pumping action of Flesh and Blood like never before with Blitz. This fast-paced format offers a thrilling gameplay experience with fewer cards and less starting life than Classic Constructed. Perfect for players who crave instant engagement and love quick, intense matches, Blitz is the ultimate way to dive straight into the heart of the action and emerge victorious.

2pm – 5pm: Blitz
$30 Entry (3 Rounds of Blitz Constructed)

4 Booster packs of Heavy hitters per match win + Convention exclusive promo for participation