Hayden / “Haydz”

Event Director

Hayden / “Haydz” - Event Director

[email protected]

  • Over a decade of experience in the video game industry
  • Past professional esports player, leading a top 4 global pro team for 3+ years
  • Co-Founder of EventsEngine and Kanga Esports

Favorite gaming console: Xbox 360

Justin / “Ultimate_Sacrifice”

Technical Director

Justin / “Ultimate_Sacrifice” - Technical Director

[email protected]

  • A gamer, and Twitch partner, who made a career out of being competitive in more PC games than you might have even heard of
  • Also a past motorsport competitor and coach, with over 170 podium finishes
  • Organiser of hundreds of LAN events as ITZ Gaming

Vot: TGX’s final boss is Ulti in a racing sim.

Daniel / “Berzerk”

Marketing Director

Daniel / “Berzerk” - Marketing Director

[email protected]

  • 15+ years in the video game industry
  • Co-Founder of EventsEngine, and Organiser of Battle Arena Melbourne
  • Veteran PR and Marketing manager, working with major brands like Blizzard, IEM, ASUS, Epic Games, CORSAIR, Hi-Rez Studios and more.
  • Commentator, host, and writer for The Age/SMH, Kotaku, Gamespot, and ABCTV

Earliest gaming memory: Dad walking in with an Atari 2600.

Jacob / “Jabob”

Freeplay & Indie Games Manager

Jacob / “Jabob” - Freeplay & Indie Games Manager

[email protected]

  • Lead Organiser of The Big LAN
  • Puppeteer at the 2022 Mitcham Community Carols
  • Once beat a Moderate AI in Age of Empires II

The only game I have ever 100% completed is Super 3D Noah’s Ark

Brendon / "Nuke"

BYOC Manager

Brendon / "Nuke" - BYOC Manager

[email protected]

  • Co-Founder of LAN-slide
  • Addicted to attending (or running) LAN parties
  • Enforced at PAX Australia since 2013

Life achievement: Collected the Major Prize on a Stacker arcade machine.

Gem / “TheGemCosplay”

Social Media Manager

Gem / “TheGemCosplay” - Social Media Manager

[email protected]

  • Creator and Cosplay guest featured at TGX, Pax, Dreamhack, Ozcc, TRACon, and AVcon
  • Has been doing social media full time since 2020
  • A colour caster/analyst for Overwatch & Valorant

Spent their savings on going to Korea to see the Overwatch League