The Game Expo Creator Program

Creators! Want to give your community the inside look at The Game Expo? Our Creator Program will give you a pass to the show, so that you can see and do all that TGX has to offer, while virtually bringing your audience along with you. And why leave it at ‘virtually’? Our Creator Program can pay YOU when your community buys their pass using your referral.

Sounds good? Click here to apply to The Game Expo Creator Program.

What’s a “Creator”?

Possibly also referred to as an Influencer, or Content Creator, ‘Creators’ are anyone with a following or community in an online space, who create content relevant to TGX. This includes, but is not limited to, live streamers (Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, etc), video creators (YouTube, TikTok, etc), and social media influencers (Twitter, Instagram, etc), whose audiences would be interested in what we’re doing at TGX.

For Media applications, please reach out to [email protected]

Alternatively, Click here to apply as a Community or Club Group.

What’s the perks of a Creator pass?

The pass doubles as a weekend pass, giving you access to the show during opening hours.

The Creator Program rewards creators for getting their audience to come along. Every Creator starts with a Gold Creator Pass, but referring pass sales will improve your own Pass, with eligible Creators unlocking further perks, such as

  • Up to 50% commission on referral pass sales
  • Bonus passes to give away to their community, and 
  • Access to special events during the weekend.

What’s the minimum standards to be considered for a Creator pass?

At TGX, we’re more interested in the strength of your community than only the number of followers or subscribers you might have. This means every application will be assessed on its merits, and successful applicants will represent many different stages of the Creator journey. Don’t be afraid to apply! But be ready to show us why you, and your community, are a great fit at TGX.

Primarily, we will be looking for creators:

  • With regular content uploads 
  • Whose audience would be interested in attending The Game Expo
  • Who will make at least one social post their primary platform stating they will be attending The Game Expo

In the event of an unsuccessful application, we warmly invite you to apply again for future events. We are looking for a mixture of communities and interests to be represented by our Creators, and so will be considering the balance and mix of applicants for the best overall coverage of the event, rather than just the Creators with the greatest reach.

When will I find out if my application has been successful?

We will be approving passes in waves, which may be up to 2 months apart, to help us maintain safe attendance numbers. If a successful Creator has already purchased their own pass when they are invited to the Creator Program, they will be able to refund their purchased pass.