The Game Expo Communities & Clubs Program

Competition, Community, and Creativity. These are at the heart of gaming, and TGX is built around celebrating each and all of them. The Communities & Clubs program is about providing gaming groups a chance to get outside of their usual spaces, together. Whether it’s to celebrate your gaming passion with a wider community, or, to discover a new gaming experience with your friends, TGX wants to invite your Community, Club, or Group.

Passes sold through your Community & Club Program referral will earn money you can put back into your group’s events, your school, your games library – whatever you like! Or, nominate to donate your commission on pass sales to Game on Cancer, to give back to the wider community instead.

If you have any questions about the Communities & Clubs Program, please reach out to us at [email protected] 

Spaces in the program are limited, so apply early. Click here to apply to the Communities & Clubs Program.

Who is eligible for the Communities & Clubs Program?

Any formal group of gaming enthusiasts who’d like to attend TGX together! Maybe you’re part of the same Uni Club, or a High School Gaming club, maybe you’re part of a group running events or tournaments for your favourite games.

What are the benefits of the Communities & Clubs Program?

The Communities & Clubs Program is our way of supporting communities which exist within the gaming space. In addition to offering space throughout TGX for various Communities to come together and demonstrate their passions, we are offering a referral commission on pass sales through the program. It is our intention that this commission be put back into the Community, Club, Group, or the facility which hosts them (such as a Secondary School) as a fundraiser to support further activities for the Community.

We are also extending the option for commission to be paid as a charitable donation to Game on Cancer, in the event it may be inappropriate to give the commission back to the Community Group.

The amount of commission scales with the number of passes sold using the Community’s referral.