Riichi Mahjong

Learn to Play Riichi Mahjong at The Game Expo

We are working with Australian Riichi Mahjong Association(ARMA) to introduce Riichi Mahjong to all of you who participate TGX!

Riichi Mahjong, which is the Japanese version of the tile-based tabletop game that originated from China. Made popular by anime such as Saki and Akagi, and featured in games such as the Yakuza series and Final Fantasy 14. Riichi is now played all over the world, especially on the internet.

Riichi Mahjong area will be located right next to the tabletop freeplay zone, and it is free to experience. We welcome all who are interested even if you have never heard of this wonderful game. Spaces are limited!

ARMA – Australian Riichi Mahjong Association