Magic The Gathering & Pokemon TCG play at The Game Expo with Good Games

We’re pleased to announce for TCG players, we have some fun activities and tournaments for both Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon!
There is a flexible schedule so talk to the friendly team at Good Games and our friendly Tournament Judge Dan.
Magic The Gathering Draft will be on demand rolling all day, approximately each hour except 12pm. You can get in on draft or casual matches at other times, but each hour in the schedule is a set gathering time.
Currently this TCG activity is SATURDAY ONLY
10amEntry, Casual play and check in
11amMTG Draft start
1pmdraft start hourly, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm
1:30pmPokemon Constructed
3pmMTG Constructed


Magic The Gathering Draft

$20 per entry. 8 player pods will be given an additional 7 boosters for prize support.
Draft On demand

Mtg Constructed (Pioneer or Standard)

$10 entry single elimination with pods of 8.
Prizes: $50 GG SC for top place and $30 SC to second place.
SC = Store Credit and must be redeemed at the show booth.

Pokemon Constructed – 1:30pm

$10 entry. Good games will scale the prize alongside entry! EG with 8 players there will be $80 worth of prizes.