AusSpeedRuns Returns to TGX 2024!

The fastest players in Australia are zipping back to The Game Expo in 2024!

We’re pleased to announce the return of AusSpeedruns who will bring their showcase of fantastic players with the skills and strats to sweep through games in no time at all.

Established to give Australian gamers a corner of the stage already set by week-long, international speedrunning meets in the USA and Europe, AusSpeedruns meet multiple times a year to host non-stop marathons of dedication to their craft. Runners, organisers, and tech staff donate their time to support the fundraising efforts of the event’s charity partner. Their events raise thousands for charity, and you can look for more record breaking attempts on the show floor at TGX.

If you’d like the opportunity to participate as a speedrunner at TGX, keep an eye on the AusSpeedruns website and Twitter (@ausspeedruns) for news on applying to run at TGX 2024!