Cosplay Made Easy – TGX Support Team

We understand just how much effort and love goes into bringing a character to life through Cosplay. We will once again have an amazing cash prize supported Cosplay Competition and Parade. Before we announce that, we have support for all cosplayers at The Game Expo, with a range of specialty areas and services including:

  • Cosplay Change room if you need to change into, or out of, your cosplay at the event
  • Dedicated Cosplay Photo Zone where you can have your photo taken for free by an experienced photographer
  • Dedicated Cosplay Repair area run by Captain Patch-It and his team who are on hand to assist any level of cosplay emergency!

But… just who is Captain Patch-It?

Hey there, Captain Patch-It here!

I’ve been roaming around the Australian convention scene since 2014 or so, with my main goal being to help cosplayers fix up their costumes and props and get them back on the show floor to enjoy the rest of their day!

Generally you can track me down at the cosplay repair booth, with hot glue and googly eyes within arms reach! On top of that, you’ll find tape, hairspray, safety pins and a bunch of repair know-how to help sort out all kinda of cosplay malfunctions!

Captain Patch-It sitting in a bamboo forest with his Free Cosplay Repair kit.

Quick Stats:
Pronouns: He/Him
Active Since: April 2014
Weapon of Choice: Hot Glue Gun
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Elemental Mastery: Gluebender
Days since last Googly Eye Accident: 3

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