People’s Choice: The Favourite Indie Games of TGX 2024

With a huge indie games section across both video game and tabletop this year, The Game Expo team decided to create a fun way for attendees to show their appreciation for the amazing games on display.  We crafted a voting mechanism in which after each game demo, players earned an energy block which they used to vote for any game they like, and earn a Stamp Quest stamp too.

Recognising players are trying games on different days we have both a Saturday and Sunday winner for each category of Video game and Tabletop game.

We have tallied up the results and we’re pleased to award the first People’s Choice Awards to the following. Visit their links and look out for the upcoming releases!

Saturday Video Game

Footy Bash

Developer: Danger Thumbs
Genre: Sports / Arcade Combat

Step into the world of Footy Bash, Experience the rush of fast-paced football with 1-4 players. Unleash spectacular speckys to leave your opponents in awe and land devastating hits to thrill your fans. With dynamic gameplay and a classic look, Footy Bash is an electrifying footy spectacle.

Watch our video visiting Footy Bash at the show! 

Saturday Tabletop


One Last Score is a high stakes heist game of strategy and deception. You and your friends play as rival criminals assembling crew members to try and outfox each other and walk away with the most loot.

Sunday Video Game

Lighthaze World

Genre: 3D Platform Adventure

Discover a charming adventure in Lighthaze World, a cozy puzzle game for adventure lovers. Choose puzzle order, collect treasures, and follow the anxious hero’s heartfelt journey to save his loyal dog. Your decisions shape this delightful puzzle experience.

Sunday Tabletop


Introducing Wrong Answers Only, the ultimate game of wit, creativity, and deception! In this hilarious and competitive card game, players are challenged to make convincing arguments for incorrect answers to a wide variety of questions.