Which Way Up: Galaxy Games

Which Way Up: Galaxy Games

Developer: Turtle Flip Studio | Genre: ActionCasualIndieSimulationSports

Which Way Up: Galaxy Games is a family-friendly party game that gives unique freedom of movement by allowing you to run on walls and ceilings, orbit around planets, or fall across entire levels by manoeuvring through gravity fields.

Before The Universe existed, the Space Sprites banded together one-by-one to see a dream come to fruition: the dream of life itself. As The Universe began to take shape, so too did space. But space is unpredictable, and creating life is tiresome work. So, the Sprites took it upon themselves to create a pastime. The Galaxy Games.

Each event features its own unique bite-sized challenge where up to 4 players can compete. Eject your friends into space as you race across gravity fields, score a goal with an entire moon, leap across planets to escape a black hole, and capture and hold zodiacal constellations.



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