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AusSpeedruns is racing into TGX!

  • December 2, 2022
  • News

Australia’s fastest gamers are coming to TGX!

We’re partnering with AusSpeedruns to bring you the very best of Australian speedrunning at The Game Expo 2023.

Once a niche corner of video gaming, speedrunning has exploded into universal gaming consciousness in recent years. The growth of the AusSpeedruns community is a testament to this.

Established to give Australian gamers a corner of the stage already set by week-long, international speedrunning meets in the USA and Europe, AusSpeedruns meet multiple times a year to host non-stop marathons of dedication to their craft. Runners, organisers, and tech staff donate their time to support the fundraising efforts of the event’s charity partner. Their events in 2022 raised in excess of $32,000 for Game On Cancer, and we know they’ll be pushing to thrash this record at their events in 2023.

We are extremely proud to host AusSpeedruns at TGX 2023. Expect their stage show to feature all of the fastest strategies to blow your favourite games wide open!

If you’d like the opportunity to participate as a speedrunner at TGX, keep an eye on the AusSpeedruns website and Twitter (@ausspeedruns) for news on applying to run at TGX 2023!