The ultimate BYOC LAN (Bring Your Own PC) at The Game Expo!

We are hosting an amazing BYOC LAN (Bring Your Own Computer) at The Game Expo! 

A long and well loved tradition for gamers, this is a chance to enjoy gaming on your own rig with a larger group of other players. Nothing quite beats a live experience compared to playing online. 

We will have a fixture of competitive tournaments and fun activities to appeal to all gamers. The zone will be hosted by LAN-slide and other members of the Melbourne LAN community, with decades of combined experience of hosting BYOC events. So make sure you don’t miss out on a great 2 day event of LAN party goodness at The Game Expo on March 11-12.

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Here are some of the great activities in the BYOC Zone

  • Fun tournaments for Rocket league, Age of Empires 2, CSGO 5v5, Arms race and Wingman, Fall Guys, Overwatch 2, Altitude, Halo MCC, Retrocycles, Apex Legends, Quake 3, Unreal Tournament 2004, Golf with Friends
  • Fun activities like Pass The Parcel
  • Prizes for every tournament!
  • BYOC Zone Brought to you by team members of the Melbourne LAN Community! With staff from LANSLIDE, The BIG LAN and LANdu, check out their events in Jan and Feb!