The Game Expo Announces Voice Actor Special Guests

Actors behind beloved characters in Genshin Impact, Fire Emblem, Apex Legends and Street Fighter 6 join the March 2024 show

As The Game Expo gears up for its second event packed with activities, this year’s event promises unforgettable experiences for gamers. Joining the showcase of new, home-grown video and tabletop games, amazing cosplayers and artists, tournaments, retro gaming, speedruns and much more – now added to the lineup are two special guests, among the finest talents voicing characters you love. 

Guest stars Allegra Clark and Ratana are set to appear at TGX to share stories of crafting their amazing characters, and meet and greet fans. The actors join the event on March 23-24, 2024. 

Among many roles, Ratana is known for her role as Yae Miko in Genshin Impact, voices Leonie in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and helped your party adventuring through space as Andromeda Kepler in Starfield.

Allegra Clark is the voice behind Marisa in Street Fighter 6, Bloodhound in Apex Legends, Mitsuri Kirijo in Persona 3 Reload, and Hecate in Australia’s own Summerfall Studios’ acclaimed musical adventure, Stray Gods.

Both Ratana and Allegra will be appearing on Saturday and Sunday at The Game Expo, ready to meet and greet fans, and will appear on a stage panel to talk about their creative experiences in gaming and storytelling on each day.  The full schedule will be announced in the coming days, refer to the website for the latest appearance times.


  • DATES Sat 23rd & Sun 24th March 2024
  • LOCATION Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • Tickets: 

About Ratana

After years of honing her skills as a corporate brand marketing professional, Ratana decided to follow her passion and become an actor. Ratana can be heard as Andromeda Kepler in Starfield, Yae Miko in Genshin Impact, Leonie in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. She is also featured in Diablo IV, Fallout 76, the animated series Trese, and many other projects. Find her on all socials @VoiceofRatana (Instagram) @VoiceofRatana (Twitter)

About Allegra Clark

Allegra Clark is a Los Angeles-based trilingual actor and voiceover artist originally from New York City. After spending a childhood doing commercials and school plays in both French and English, Allegra studied theatre and Italian literature at Northwestern University, where she realised her knack for voice and accent work. Since then, she has worked on a number of different voiceover projects, including animation, video games, ADR, and commercials.

In addition to screaming into microphones in small padded rooms, Allegra also enjoys making excellent use of her fifteen-plus years of vocal training by serenading her cat.

@SimplyAllegra (Instagram) @SimplyAllegra (Twitter)