The Game Expo is THE event dedicated to gaming, celebrating its culture and creativity. TGX is all about YOU, and everyone who loves video games.


TGX is Melbourne’s latest convention, providing an inclusive and welcoming space for anyone who loves gaming and pop culture. We’ve got the latest & greatest games, an extensive suite of tournaments, freeplay gaming, PC LAN gaming and a stacked tabletop gaming library.  We’ll also be running cosplay contests, a massive expo hall, a bustling artists alley, and meet & greets with some of your favourite content creators and online personalities!


Whatever you love in gaming, you can find it at The Game Expo.



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Competition is a core pillar of The Game Expo. We've got an extensive suite of tournaments for the most popular games around, so if you want to show off your skills for fame and fortune, we invite you to register for our tournaments!

And if you feel like spectating, that's cool too!


We pride ourselves on fostering a welcoming and inclusive community. Come play games with your friends, discover new games, and meet all new friends! Develop new interests and explore where they can go!


Like Games? Love Pop Culture? We've got you covered at The Game Expo! From cosplay to our artists alley to a packed exhibit hall, we've got a lot to help you discover a new love or foster an existing one!


Exhibit Hall

The Heart of TGX, packed with brilliant booths and awesome activities!

Artist Zone

Support your local artists with cool merch!


Cards, Pen & Paper, Dice, and Imagination are all you'll need for these games!

Freeplay Gaming

Unwind with our extensive library of games, and make some new friends along the way!

Indie Games

Looking for games to add to your wishlist? Come check out the best in local game development!