Highlights from The Game Expo 2024 

The Game Expo levelled up in 2024! 

Read on for a roundup including some the highlights

From the TGX team: Thank you to everyone who made The Game Expo 2024 what it was! We’re proud of our amazing team who pulled off another event which is grassroots up and community first. The incredible volunteers, vendors, community groups and artists – thank you for joining us to showcase gaming and your part in it.

We’re thrilled to have the support of the fantastic gaming community, as TGX continues to grow. The positive feedback has been overwhelming. We will aim to continue striking a great balance between cosy, welcoming gaming community and an impressive show of guests, tournaments and partnerships in 2025

WATCH: The Game Expo Recap Video

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Let’s revisit a selection of the many highlights from The Game Expo:

We love to celebrate the three “C’s” of gaming culture – Creativity, Community and Competition. Once again, the gaming community brought this to life at TGX!


Voice Actor Guest stars Allegra Clark and Ratana

Fans flocked to meet voices of beloved games like Genshin Impact, Apex Legends, Starfield and Street Fighter 6 – they knocked it out of the park with two fun and insightful panels

Homegrown Games! Indie Video Games and Indie Board Games

We’re thrilled to showcase more indies than ever. The TGX attendees got involved and helped decide People’s Choice Award winners from the show. You can read more about the award winners here 


See the full list of Video Games here and Board Games Here

Tabletop Zone 

The Tabletop Zone is growing strongly and we were proud to have featured Board Game Demos, Trading Card Game Demos, a Chess Tournament, Prize supported tournaments for Magic, Flesh and Blood, early demos of Star Wars Unlimited and Japanese TCG Demos

Alongside featured activity above our Board Games Library was a resource for anyone looking to try a game at their own pace.

High Speed Gaming and Wins for Charity

AusSpeedruns returned with the fastest gamers playing for charity. Alongside Cookie Brigade, over $11,000 was raised for Cure Cancer!

Speedcubing Kept up the Pace

For the first time, we were pleased to host amazing speedcubers showing incredible times and skills with the Speedcubing Australia team! Read More

Chiptune Academy Musical Performances

 Melbourne Chiptune Academy found a perfect home alongside the TGX Retro Gaming Zone to showcase gaming music and teach gamers how to wring a tune out of their Gameboys. What’s more, we were treated to an on stage performance each day.


The incredible Cosplay Cup returned to dazzle with high level competitive cosplay for a $5,000 Cash Prize. Congratulations to our Cosplay Cup Winners:

🥇 Zoe of WyvernsWeirdos

🥈 Caspen

🥉 owldaweeb

Thank you to our amazing judges – read more about them here

And thank you to everyone who simply joined in on the Cosplay Parade!


The Competitive stages of TGX saw incredible feats from our players. Here’s a recap of some of the top tournaments

$10,000 Counter Strike 2 Tournament Powered by SteelSeries, AOC and Mwave – Read More

Apex Legends CREATOR SHOWDOWN: Gaming content creators and live streamers battled it out for fun and bragging rights! Always a great community event.

Fighting Game Tournaments: Partnered with CouchWarriors, we hosted major tournaments for Street Fighter, Tekken, Guilty Gear Strive, Super Smash Bros Ultimate and more. We also hosted Japanese Smash pro, Neo and there was representation from beginner to national champion level across all games.

  • Street Fighter 6: Current BAM Champion and Aus Capcom Cup player ROF wins over another multi event champion Somniac
  • Tekken 8: Up and coming champ Yagami takes it over Tekken 7’s most dominant Aussie player, Naveed.
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Japanese Pro Neo takes it over another Japanese player, Kinaji, with Aussie top player JDizzle rounding top 3.
  • Guilty Gear Strive: The rivalry is heating up with Blitzkrieg taking it over Frail Fox – both CouchWarriors League season champions of the last 2 years!
  • Watch: FGC recap video

Just Dance Stage

A source of fun and joy all weekend, we also had wonderful winners

Relive some of the energy with our event video as posted by our incredible host Tijka


Thank you to the amazing creators for your panels and performances on Main Stage. Not only the place for our show guests and cosplay, but even hosted a Blind Chess Match!


The megagame across the show once again delighted attendees, giving fun clues and extra reasons to visit various zones, booths and features of the show to get that stamp card ready for a spin of the prize wheel.

And so much more 

We had a hall full of amazing Exhibitors, an incredible Artist Alley, the new High Score Arcade and much more.

Thank you to all our partners from exhibitors, sponsors and prize partners and of course to all of you, the amazing attendees! 

We look forward to hitting new game and playing again – see you all in 2025!