The TGX Cosplay Cup Rules


Reference Folio / Buildbook

  • Entrants application must include a reference folio / buildbook, via link to a Google Drive folder or similar, including at a minimum:
    • One primary reference image – clear and of as high quality/resolution as possible. This will be used by the Judges to score accuracy. Additional reference images may be supplied via the entrants reference folio/ build book.
    • Details and construction images of the costume to be entered. This can include a description of the techniques or construction methods, as well as materials chosen. Please ensure that any work in progress pictures are clear, and if included as individual files, that each file is clearly named as to which part of the costume they represent. (It is understood that this may not be a completed costume, so some allowance is made for in-progress elements.)
    • Costumes must be at least 50% complete at the time of application. Exceptions may be made for exceptional circumstances if you have demonstrated a high level of finish and technique in your application and past works.
    • Your reference folio / buildbook will be viewed by the judges ahead of the event as part of your application, and used to assist in choosing finalists. If your costume is not fully completed, and thus your reference folio / buildbook, please submit what has been completed at the time of application, and we will check closer to the event for an updated reference folio / buildbook.
    • If you are unsure on how to format or create your reference folio / buildbook, Vamprea has graciously provided a copy of the build book for her Klee costume, which won the TGX Cosplay Cup in 2023. [Vamprea 2023 Klee Portfolio – 11.4mb PDF] This is a fantastic example of a build book which includes clear references as well as images and notes on construction, as well as specific techniques used. Where purchased items were used, it shows how these were transformed, and where other people were involved in components, the level of involvement is clearly noted.


  • Costumes must represent an existing character from the Video Game realm. 
    • This can include recognisable playable characters, NPC’s, etc. In-game screenshots, official art, etc must be included in your reference folio / buildbook.
    • Fan designs of an official character are appropriate. If your costume is a fan design of an official character,  the artwork must have been publicly available for 12 months prior to TGX 2024 and not created or commissioned by the entrant. Your reference folio / buildbook must contain a link/URL to the art online, as well as the artist’s information. This ensures that your costume is able to be accurately scored.
    • Costumes based on player created characters are not allowed.
    • If the costume is based on an armour set rather than a character, this must be clearly noted in your reference folio / buildbook.
  • At least 80% of the costume must be constructed by the entrant. While this is the minimum requirement, a higher percentage will help ensure a successful application and may lead to a higher judging score.
    • Base layer items that are inconsequential to the overall costume, base shoes, wigs (used for styling by contestant), and stockings/undergarments, are allowed to be purchased, but should be noted in the entrants reference folio / buildbook.
    • Assistance from parties other than the entrant is not allowed
      • Light assistance from others is acceptable. Eg. others holding items while the entrant paints, etc.
      • 3D files or patterns not created by the entrant are acceptable to be used, however higher marks will be given to entrants who create their own. Use of such files, patterns, etc must be clearly stated in the entrants portfolio/buildbook, and include the source of such files (eg 3D files, pepakura, game files)
  • Costumes must abide by the TGX Cosplay & Prop guidelines.
  • Costumes that have placed at other competitions, or won awards, are not eligible to be entered unless significant modifications or upgrades have been made. If this is the case, such modifications or upgrades must be clearly noted in your reference folio / buildbook.
  • If any part of the costume has been sponsored either financially or with in-kind products, please note that TGX are unable to include any reference to any individuals or organisations when referring to your costume, including but not limited to on social media or our website. This does not affect your application or score.


  • Entrants must attend a pre-judging session on the day of the event. The time and location will be provided to successful applicants ahead of the event weekend.
    • The location of pre-judging will always be a private room, with only TGX Staff, the judges, and the competitor allowed during the session. An assistant is allowed to help you enter/exit the room. If you require any assistance or accommodations for this portion of the competition, please note these in the box provided under ‘event details’ on the application form. (This can include, but is not limited to, an assistant in the room, seating, etc.)
  • Entrants must appear in costume to the pre-judging session.
  • Entrants are required to provide a minimum of 2 physical copies of their reference folio or build book at the judging session showing the construction process and references of the costume, as per the reference folio / buildbook section of these rules. 
  • The pre-judging session is limited to 10 minutes per competitor.



  • Finalists are required to prepare a stage performance, to be performed live at TGX.
    • This will be after the pre-judging sessions for all finalists. Times will be supplied ahead of the event including marshalling directions.
    • Directly after your performance the host will ask you a question or two, on your entry to allow time for the judges to score. TGX will communicate with all finalists to ensure that you are aware of the general, or specific, questions that will be asked at this time.
  • The stage performance is required to be at least 45 Seconds in length, but no more than 2 minutes.
  • The stage performance is the entrant’s chance to showcase the costume, character and engage the audience who may not know the source material or character.
    • While there is no required format for your performance piece, it can range from a series of poses or movement routine set to music, a scripted skit or performance to a recorded monologue, etc.
    • The host will not narrate over your performance.
  • No additional items, sets or set dressing are permitted
  • A performance is a great opportunity to showcase props, however this must be done in a safe manner and no projectiles are to be used, including thrown items.
  • Any potentially dangerous moves in the performance such as stunts are not to be performed.
  • Footwear must be worn at all times.
  • Any power or lighting required must be contained within the costume and will not be provided by TGX.
  • Music or background soundtracks must not use copyrighted music. Music used under ‘non-commercial’ conditions is allowed to be used.
  • Music is required to be full stereo of at least 192 kbps and MP3 format.
    • TGX will test any audio ahead of the performance, but does not take responsibility if the provided files fail to work.
  • The stage provided is approximately 8m x 4m with several stairs for access. Any updates or changes to these dimensions will be provided as soon as possible to entrants.
  • If required, assistance is able to be provided to the entrant to get onto/off the stage for any reason including, but not limited to large/unwieldy costumes, or requiring mobility aids. Any assistants must leave the stage and not be part of the performance in any way.
  • TGX will reach out to finalists prior to the event to work through a short summary of the entrants performance as well as check music files, etc.


These details are yet to be finalised and are subject to change. If you have any specific accessibility requirements, please contact us upon acceptance.

General Event

  • The Game Expo is held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.
  • Accessible toilets, ramps and lifts are available throughout the venue, including from the car park.


  • Pre-Judging will be held in a private room on the ground floor.

Stage Details

  • The stage will be accessed by 3-6 steps


  • Entrants are responsible for all expenses related to competing including travel, and attendance pass
  • Entrants must be 16 or over
    • Written parent/guardian consent is required if the entrant is under 18, this must be included with the application
  • Competition is not open to TGX Staff & Crew
  • Applying does not guarantee entry to the competition.
  • All finalists will be required to to sign a release form prior to the competition
  • Selection of finalists will be at the discretion of TGX, and is final.
  • TGX reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify The TGX Cosplay Cup
  • TGX reserves the right to disqualify any individual found tampering with the entry or operating process of The TGX Cosplay Cup.



Judging will be based on:

  • Accuracy (40%)
  • Construction Quality & Technique (50%)
  • Stage Performance/Presentation (10%)

1st place – $2,250
2nd place – $1,500
3rd place – $750
Judges Commendation / Exceptional Skill (ie. Best Performance. Chosen by the Judging panel on the day) – all entrants are eligible, including those who have won another prize – $250
Judges Choice / Encouragement – only entrants who did not place or receive another prize are eligible – $250

All prizes are in AUD and represent the minimum prize provided.

The judges’ decision is final. Feedback will be able to be provided at the judges individual discretion, but only if requested by the entrant.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]