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SOYTOY CLUB – Who are we?
SOYTOY CLUB is an Australian Streetwear Creative based in Melbourne.

Founded in 2023 by Miki (former Brand Manager of Samurai Punk), Jamie and Mikaela (founders of (L)MIRL) . The three came together in late 2022 through a want to breakdown the stigmas and walls in the streetwear scene, transparently building and working collectively to create SOYTOY CLUB and its values.

They Identified a gap in the streetwear scene to cross promote and create with artists, brands and International IP whilst investing efforts in engaging and building Community.

During 2023 the three trekked across Australia to over 17 Expos and Conventions, with the support of wonderful volunteers from their community they were able to achieve a strong and exciting launch year.

Launching 2 new brands ‘SOYTOY CLUB’, ‘found.’ and the continuation and growth of their existing brand (L)MIRL they had their hands full to say the least.

The start of 2024 Jamie & Mikaela made the difficult choice to pack up their lives and move back to the west coast of Australia.

Giving space now for the SOYTOY CLUB TEAM to expand and create new and exciting opportunities.

We, SOYTOY CLUB are working towards building a Creative Collective that financially supports Indie artists, brands and creators involved. Creating a financially sustainable ecosystem that encourages the continuation of more art being created in this world.

We’re all about having big aspirations and dreams. Keep your “head in the clouds”. Embrace the transience and imperfections that are part of the journey.