TGX Highlights – Just some of the fun at The Game Expo + Message from the TGX Team

The Game Expo has just completed its inaugural event this weekend of March 11-12, 2023 and there were many wonderful moments, big and small across the varied segments of the event. The event highlighted the efforts of multiple communities that make up the gaming culture we love.

Here are some of them!  

We also have a message from the organisers at the end we invite you to read. Look forward to more content from the show and opportunities to share your feedback with us.

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Apex Legends Creator Showdown

60 Twitch and Youtube content creators were the star attractions as they battled in Apex Legends for fun, bragging rights and for charity, promoting the Cancer Council

This was the first live Apex Legends tournament in Australia, which generated huge interest and camaraderie from all the creators playing together in person.  

It was also a massive logistical exercise, so our thanks go to Mwave, AOC Monitor, and Steelseries for providing the equipment to allow TGX to build a massive 60 PC LAN.

Read more in the previous announcement 

Meet The Exhibitors

A sample of the exhibitors across Tabletop and Board Games, Gaming hardware, Artists and Clothing who shared some of their experience of the show, along with Indie Developers in exhibit and tabletop zones who exhibited their upcoming games

Videos – Exhibitors One | Exhibitors Two

Cosplay Cup and Cosplay Parade had the show entranced

Cosplay can be hard to get right and we were privileged to have fantastic community members on board with the show early on, with incredible hosts and judges. The community came out in force and the level of cosplay quality, as well as the energy and support from the crowd was palpable.  Check our Facebook page for shares of photographer galleries

Fighting Games Bringing People Together

The always awesome Fighting Game Community (FGC) is all about coming together in person to meet your friends and play in competitions to test your skills and keep improving.

Collaborating with CouchWarriors, there were two major stages and multiple tournaments including Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Guilty Gear Strive, Dragon Ball FighterZ, among others. Special guest Korean Tekken Pro, Rest, also attended.

Plus, there was an amateur bracket and learn to play sessions!

Multiple winner posts linked above (click each title).

Watch the Fighting Game Section video

TCG, Board and Tabletop Games

Partnering with Good Games, Let’s Play Games, and Tabletop gaming communities including players and organisers for Chess, Magic The Gathering, indie board games, demo zones for several titles, even Riichi Mahjong which was really popular, and a massive Board Game library which players would check out and try out on the spot at the show.

Watch video: Indie board game Murders at Tealwoods Manor

Watch video: Tabletop Gaming Demos

Check out the images below of the glorious board game demos on site!

Tabletop Zone News Item

AusSpeedruns playing games fast for Charity

The AusSpeedruns team put on an incredible show at their own stage at TGX, similarly to the awesome tournaments around the event, they showcased another aspect of playing games exceptionally well and entertaining the crowd while providing some inspiration for new ways to play.  The team raised over $2200 for Game On Cancer.

Video Feature

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Just Dance Stage

The stage was pumping with dancing and good vibes all weekend. Supported by Ubisoft with bundles of prizes and hosted by the inimitable Tijka. Here’s her winner’s post.

Watch video reel: Instagram | Twitter 
Watch caitlinnoob and Rainbow1989 perform Zooby Doo

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Meet the $1,000 Chess Winner

One of the best known and loved games in the world but strangely a community that does not get much shine at events and we were thrilled to include them. With high quality competition clocks provided, the Speed Chess event was on point.

Watch the interview with the Chess Winner

Announcement article 

Rocket League Races to Goal of $5,000 prize

Similarly to Apex Legends, Rocket League had a fantastic tournament on Saturday on the PC Tournament zone machines provided by The Game Expo. In collaboration with the RL Oceania community and 1NE Esports, the event also supported the Cancer Council. That donation drive once again –

Winners: Merge Esports

Announcement Post

The Game Expo Prize Wheel and Stamp Rally

The Game Expo prize wheel provided much joy to the attendees not only because of the awesome prizes from RODE and our other show partners, but it was part of a show wide game that attendees had fun completing. Every attendee received a card and had to complete challenges around the venue to receive a Stamp from each different zone. From checking out Tabletop or solving a cryptic clue hidden among the Exhibitors, to uncovering the famous Konami code deviously hidden on the back of a roaming volunteer! 

The adorable TGX Mascot 

The robot who has come from outer space to play games with us and have fun, won hearts and posed for photos, and even watched the streams as seen in this clip. The new name is to be revealed, but attendees at the cosplay stage have a movement to nickname and adopt the cute character. 


The feeling of the show – with note from the organisers

The key to The Game Expo has always been about participation. Every addition and feature to the show was something that gave people something to do, not just look at. As a new, smaller show, we know this is both a strength and a weakness, as we develop towards a goal of having more marquee features, such as new upcoming titles, and balancing that with the relaxed and community focused atmosphere we have fostered.

At the outset we made this show a modular one, to provide the opportunity for different communities in gaming to showcase what they are about. The concept of gaming culture we follow is summed up by “three C’s” of Community, Competition and Creativity.

Through this, we are pleased that the show was truly inclusive in the more broad sense – inclusive of anyone who wants to play games, of communities who specialise in particular gaming categories, and the diversity of the crowd just came with that naturally.

Many of our wonderful team of volunteers were new to conventions and did an amazing job.

Our community partners had the opportunity to provide a larger stage for their scene, and this resulted in a crossover and positive buzz as separate interests throughout the gaming scene had the opportunity to share the best of what they do and learn from each other.

With the offerings at the show and the way in which all gamers are welcomed, we are also pleased to have a more even demographic split than expected for a core gaming event across 63.5% Male, 25.84% Female, 7% non-binary, 3% other, a great achievement that reflects the positive way in which the culture of gaming is evolving.  We were also pleased to have many parents with kids happy there was a welcome space for them at the show which helped their kids get involved with activities.

The show is new and these are some of the reasons why we feel we had some success. The team is also aware there is always room for improvement, and the considered feedback we are seeing will be taken on board. We will be excited to look to the future.